A global technology company takes its wellness efforts down under

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Cisco and Fitbit Case Study

Cisco Australia and New Zealand get stepping




"The CiscoACTIVE challenge powered by Fitbit was an amazing program to be part of and I loved hearing all the positive comments from our employees. Seeing employees who did not traditionally engage in physical activity become involved in team and individual fitness challenges was the ultimate outcome. Along with that, we created a very stronghealth and wellness culture across the company, and had a great deal of fun." - Adrian West, Cisco Head of HR, Australia and New Zealand

How it started

Cisco’s Australia and New Zealand offices (Cisco ANZ) knew they needed to improve their sedentary working environment and promote a healthy workplace. In October 2016, they launched CiscoACTIVE, a two-month wellness initiative, to bring a culture of wellness down under. The Human Resources team introduced a series of activities to help employees make healthy lifestyle changes at work and at home, including bringing in an onsite wellness expert to oversee the program. Cisco ANZ also implemented Fitbit Health Solution’s corporate wellness program and either offered a fully subsidized Fitbit Charge 2, or other premium Fitbit devices at a reduced rate.

The skinny on CiscoACTIVE

CiscoACTIVE included nutrition webinars, onsite fitness sessions, gym membership discounts, and activity challenges paired with Fitbit devices. Cisco ANZ hosted four step challenges—where employees were challenged to achieve certain goals, such as reaching the greatest number of steps, beating the CEO’s and other senior leadership’s step counts, hitting the most active minutes, and achieving the most improved step count. Creative mini-challenges were also involved, like who could post the best healthy selfie on social media. Challenge winners were eligible to win health empowerment tools such as Fitbit products, like accessory bands and Fitbit Aria WiFi smart scales.

Brag-worthy results

Cisco ANZ knocked their wellness expectations out of the park, and they had impressive numbers to prove it. At the end of CiscoACTIVE, 50% of participants achieved an average of

10,000+ steps a day—an increase from 43% at the beginning of the program. In addition, the percentage of people who were considered less active (average of <7,500 steps) at the

beginning of the program decreased from 25% to 18% at the end of the program.

The progress was hard to ignore

50% of participants averaged 10,000+ steps, an increase from 43% at the beginning of CiscoACTIVE.

86% reported being more active since receiving their Fitbit device.

95% said they intend to continue increasing physical activity after the CiscoACTIVE program ended.

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